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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What the....?

Mood: upset

Man...I just read about what our esteem PM mentioned in his National Day Rally speech. MEE SIAM MAI HUM...

I never knew Mee Siam has got hum in it!!! But my gah-men say so, it must be true and those Mee Siam sellers have cheated me for years....

What kind of a person cheats on a well frog?!!! I have a good mind to go back to them and demand my years worth of hum they didn't put in my Mee Siam...with interest...

For my esteem international classmates who might be reading this post:
Mee Siam = Malay dish
Mai Hum = a request not to put an ingredient in the dish, in this case cockles


At 10/30/2006 7:13 AM, Blogger Itsalonglongtime said...

His life was so protected that he could not venture outside all by himself without any body guards.
One night we managed to get the body guards to sleep, and we brought him out to see the "world" of Singapore.
He had never eaten kway teow, laksa nor mee siam before in his life. So, that night he tried a plate of kway teow, and he loved it. However, he did not try laksa nor mee siam.
So, I think, up to today, his memory of outside food is only on kway teow. It is therefore, likely, when he said mee siam mai hum, he was actually refering to kway teow mai hum!


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